International Whisky Range 23rd Release

Das 23rd Release der International Whisky Range hat folgende Abfüllungen.

Creations - Light, Creamy, Smoky 2007 whisky
10y 60.5% 2 x Bourbon Hogsheads 0,7l 55,- €
This blended whisky is a marriage of Kilkerran and Longrow whiskies distilled at Springbank Distillery and Invergordon grain whisky.
Nose: lemon zest, vanilla pods, dunnage warehouse
Taste: Creamy, buttery shortbread, gentle smoke builds
Finish: cloves, rock salt, lemon zest returns

Speyburn- Glenlivet 2008 whisky
10y 46.0% 1 x Bourbon Hogshead 0,7l 45,- €
Nose: Buttery , lemongrass, dried raisins.
Taste: Chocolate truffels, Orange sweets, aniseed.
Finish: Cinnamon, wood spice, lime zest.

Auchroisk 2006 whisky
12y 55.3% 2 x Bourbon Hogsheads 0,7l 59,- €
Nose: Lemon sponge cake, slightly floral, hint of mint leaves.
Taste: Milk chocolate, marzipan, coconut shavings.
Finish: Cocktail cherries, orange peel, vanilla.

Benrinnes 2004 whisky
14y 55.4% 3 x Bourbon Hogsheads 0,7l 65,- €
Nose: Buttered raisin toast, barley water, watermelon.
Taste: Green apples, cucumber water, rhubarb.
Finish: Dried herbs, tinned pineapple, honey and lemon.

Deanston 2008 whisky
10y 56.2% 2 x Bourbon Hogsheads 0,7l 55,- €
Nose: Cocoa leaves, wood spice, roasted pine nuts.
Taste: Almonds, dry roasted nuts, kiwi fruit.
Finish: Hints of ginger. Quite herbal with thyme coming through.

Glenrothes – Glenlivet 2001 whisky
17y 53.0% 2 x Bourbon Hogsheads 0,7l 69,- €
Nose: Honey, toffee, slight waxiness. 
Taste: Orange marmalade, lemon sherbert, green tea.
Finish: Dark chocolate, walnuts, hints of sandlewood.

Inchgower 2009 whisky
9y 56.5% 2 x Sherry Hogsheads 0,7l 55,- €
Original in 2 Bourbon Hogsheads then transfered into two sherrys hogsheads one in Aug. 2017 one in September 2015.
Nose: Raisins, digestive biscuit, parma ham.
Taste: Blackcurrant syrup, plum jam, stewed fruits.
Finish: Hints of peppermint and green tea. Quite chewy.

Laphroaig 1998 whisky
20y 54.3% 2 x Bourbon Hogsheads 0,7l 230,- €
Nose: Sea saltiness strikes then zesty orange notes follow.
Taste: Meaty initially then black cherry fruitiness come through.
Finish: Oysters, spiced ham, smoke gradually builds through

Ord 2005 whisky
13y 56.5% 1 x Bourbon Hogshead and 1 x Butt 0,7l 65,- €
Nose: Strawberry jam, icing sugar, toffee sweets.
Taste: Rye toast, blackcurrants, butterscotch.
Finish: Treacle toffee, rock salt, dried fruits.

Paul John 2011 ( Indien ) whiskey
6y 56.6% 1 x Bourbon Barrel 1 x Bourbon Hogshead 0,7l 119,- €
This is a vatting of five different casks of Paul John 3 peated and 2 unpeated that were vatted together and returned to cask from which we bottled one Hogshead and one Barrel of the resulting Indian Single Malt Whisky.
Nose: Green apples, hints of cinammon, caramel.
Taste: Chewy toffee, slight smokiness builds up. Oiliness coats the mouth.
Finish: Orange zest. Smoke continues then rye notes come through.

Strathclyde 1989 ( Single Grain ) whisky
29y 55.7% 2 x Bourbon Barrels 0,7l 119,- €
Nose: Rummy! moscovado sugar, fudge.
Taste; Very chewy. Cinamon toast, hints of lime.
Finish: Hint of paprika, peppermint, dark chocolate.

Glen Grant – Glenlivet 1992 whisky
25y 50.4% 1 x Bourbon Barrel 0,7l 139,- €
Nose: White grapes, prunes, honeycomb.
Taste: Millionaire shortbread, pears, marmalade.
Finish: Green apples, dried raisins, tangerine zest comes through.

Glenlossie – Glenlivet 1993 whisky
24y 53.6% 1 x Bourbon Hogshead 0,7l 119,- €
Nose: Tropical fruits with mangoes & peaches. Very creamy.
Taste: Honeycomb, pistashio nuts, apricoy yoghurt.
Finish: Cayenne pepper, ginger, cookie dough.


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